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(The Study of Threes)

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I am prompted to put something about copyrights after a dream last night (May 3rd, 2014) in which the question about a notice thereof was needed. Therefore, let it be known, since I take information from a wide variety of sources, that all copyrights belong to the respective authors. All of them should be respected, recognized and rewarded for their own work. I have no desire to steal anyone's ideas and present them as my own since such a nefarious deed would eventually be found out anyway. Those writing papers for college courses should be quite wary of this.

On a few occasions I have found people trying to pass off the information at this site as if it were of their own making. Granted that absent-mindedness can occur as one gets older, such has not been the case with those who deliberately plagiarize. While I generally attempt to give some indication of where a certain example came from, the distance in time does not insure that all internet links and resource materials will be readily available or reliable. With respect to information garnered from internet sources, people's lives change and they may die or lose interest in maintaining a site. We do the best we can under the circumstances presented to us.

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Anatomical, Biological, Physiological 1 A Threes World Our Limited Number Sense
Why so many Threes? Valuable or Valueless Threes Research No Reset Button
Triplet Code Page 1 Triplet Code Page 2 Triplet Code Page 3
Triplet Code Page 4 What is Time? Time Travel Considerations Page 1
Time Travel Considerations Page 2 Time Travel Considerations Page 3 Public Exam Center
Revisiting Crop Circles    

  1. Novum Organum Threesiarum preface a New Instrument of Threes Introduction
  2. Novum Organum Threesiarum preface b New Instrument of Threes Introduction part II
  3. Novum Organum Threesiarum page 1 Explaination of the New Instrument's Origin
  4. Novum Organum Threesiarum page 2 Dipping one's toes into the Waters of Empiricism
  5. Novum Organum Threesiarum page 3 A small history of those who make lists
  6. Novum Organum Threesiarum page 4 Qualification of a list
  7. Novum Organum Threesiarum 5 Ideas on some Limitations
  8. Novum Organum Threesiarum 6 Substantiating some ground work
  9. Novum Organum Threesiarum 7 Philosophical art perspective
  10. Novum Organum Threesiarum 8
  11. Novum Organum Threesiarum 9
  12. Novum Organum Threesiarum 10
  13. Novum Organum Threesiarum 11
  14. Novum Organum Threesiarum 12
  15. Novum Organum Threesiarum 13
  16. Novum Organum Threesiarum 14
  17. Novum Organum Threesiarum 15
  18. Novum Organum Threesiarum 16
  19. Novum Organum Threesiarum 17
  20. Novum Organum Threesiarum 18
  21. Novum Organum Threesiarum 19
  22. Novum Organum Threesiarum 20

Threes in Philosophy

  1. Philosophical Trichotomies page 1
  2. Philosophical Trichotomies page 2

Some Philosophical Perspectives

  1. Persistent Dichotomies
  2. Patterns of Two Various examples of patterns -of- two related to people
  3. The Quaternary Perspective
  4. Russian Threes and Fours

Sociological Threes

  1. Sociological Threes page 1
  2. Sociological Threes page 2

Saving The Planet

  1. Saving The Planet A rather long array of different commentary about saving the planet

Artificial Intelligence and 3sology

  1. Artificial Intelligence and 3sology pg1
  2. AI and 3sology pg2
  3. AI and 3sology pg3
  4. AI and 3sology pg4
  5. AI and 3sology pg5
  6. AI and 3sology pg6
  7. AI and 3sology pg7
  8. AI and 3sology pg8
  9. AI and 3sology pg9
  10. AI and 3sology pg10
  11. AI and 3sology pg11
  12. AI and 3sology pg12
  13. AI and 3sology pg13
  14. AI and 3sology pg14
  15. AI and 3sology pg15
  16. AI and 3sology pg16
  17. AI and 3sology pg17
  18. AI and 3sology pg18
  19. AI and 3sology pg19
  20. AI and 3sology pg20
  21. AI and 3sology pg21

Clausewitzian Military Strategy using a threes formula

  1. A threesological perspective of Clausewitzian Theory

A Miscellaneous Collection of articles

  1. Runaway Evolution
  2. Threes Buses of Governance (Communism, Demcocracy, Socialism
  3. Research into the threes phenomena
  4. A communication to communicators
  5. Threenking About Extinction
  6. Applying the Threes Concept
  7. Threes Road Map
  8. Threenkers page 1
  9. Threenkers page 2

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Note: References are listed on individual pages. If I have overlooked any author, let me apologize up-front. I will remedy the oversight as soon as I become aware of the error.

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