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Here are three links for Dr. Dundez's article "The Number Three in the American Culture" which appeared in an old 1967-1968 book entitled "Every Man His Way" (which is a collection of different Cultural Anthropology readings):

As the title states, this page is intended for Threes Researchers. If you are unfamiliar with "threes" as a research project, the information may or may not be of interest to those who have not themselves ever noticed a frequency of patterns-of-three in different subject areas (other than the typical attention given to specific culturally-related examples such as death (or calamity) occurs in threes, people waking up some time between 3 and 4 AM (claimed by some as a spiritual awakening), or hearing three knocks, or expressions such a three times the charm, threes in fairytales, the Trinity (in and out of Christianity), etc....

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