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While the word "Trelegy" has been coined specifically for a drug to assist those with COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), in the context of a philosophical discussion involving the topic of "threes", it can be used as a generality in the sense of a heading for other drug-related "threes" representations... some of which are defined as cocktails. However, we can also apply the usage of the same heading for other medical references such as the taking of a drug three times a day or three times week, which some readers might be inclined to add other threes-related activities involving health such as the common 3-part or 3-day exercise routine used by some people. Nonetheless, let me begin this page with a reference to the Trelegy product and come back to this page at a later time to add other references.

Trelegy image one

Trelegy image two

Trelegy image three

Meet Trelegy

(Example) Trelegy commercial #1

(Example) Trelegy commercials #2 and #3

Two additional Trelegy commercials on Youtube

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