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Communism and Societal Collapse

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The current justifications for seeking to implement a Marxian/Engles formula of Communism is foolishly ignorant that at best, it is to be realized in terms of a musical game of an antiquated 4 chairs ideology correlated to the artificiality of a 4-directions conceptualization (North- South- East- West), with one chair set aside under the following observations:

  1. A high price tag is attached to it by business that lock it behind a glass case guarded by cameras, managers and nearby 'loss prevention' personnel whose name tags are substitute business ownership badges that might otherwise be designates some fashion of "civil (or civilized) property".
  2. An armed guard security force with a "federal property" tag and high tariffs as well as taxes is assigned to it by government.
  3. A sacred relevance is associated with it by religion whose tenth of one's earnings for tithing is thus multiplied ten fold and is therefore placed in a chamber of guarded secrecy by those wearing specialized garments with a religious insignia meant not to convey they are "god's property," but the property of a given religion.

All three institutions, using their own ways and means and vernacular independently and individually claim to have set it aside (as a 3 in 1 collectivity) for a rainy day proposed by those customarily rig one another social activity so that business, government and religion maintain their occupation of the three chairs, and the rest of humanity must not only play the tune, but pay the piper and practice a respectfully diligent austerity with patience and unswerving gratitude as well as humility and soulfully worshiping obeisance; all because of an unrecognized requirement to adjust one's ideas, one's theories, one's practices and socialized ceremonialisms to the ongoing state of a deterioration that biological processes invariably adapt to consciously or unconsciously, as a matter of course in its equilibrium contours. In short, humanity can not institute a Communism, much less expect to survive indefinitely, under conditions which are deteriorating along a course where resources are becoming more scarce or otherwise polluted beyond a viable usage... and there is apparently, nothing humanity can do about staving off the deterioration and thus must work together diligently and cohesively with a singular focus of removing itself from the planet, the solar system, and eventually the galaxy.

In brief, I came to realize that the 3 phases of Marx can be attributed to three assigned viewpoints describing:

  1. A presumptive primitive state of existence,
  2. A presumptive present day or modern state of existence,
  3. A presumptive future ideal to be achieved.

(Yet I am sure someone interested in engaging in a game of one-up-man-ship might want to create a quantitatively enlarged [but not necessarily qualitatively improved] selection of references).

Marx's Communism exhibits the following three indicators he projected onto his ideology that can be additionally referenced in basic psychology terms which may help some readers distinguish three different levels of cognition... or thinking, taking place, since using the word "nature" may not evoke images of a primitive cognitive state of expression:

  1. Reference to events found in Nature (The sub-conscious {or pre-conscious sanity dubbed insanity or mental illness}, that some may even claim as the collective unconscious dealing with archetypes).
  2. Reference to events found in his own psyche (His own subjective self-orientation that we can call consciousness (or a presumed accepted social sanity or common sense), that some may further want to designate with the idea of a collective consciousness).
  3. References to events found in an attempted striving to peer into the future (as a would-be or want-to-be seer, by way of what can metaphorically be described as a crystal ball reading, tea leaf reading, entrails reading, tossed bones reading, etc., that we can describe as a hyper-consciousness, super-consciousness, ultra-consciousness, or super/hyper-sanity, a term used by etc.).

Let us take a look at a mock-up of human cognition array with different labels indicating an historical development that was not only used by Marx in describing the development of economic conditions, but is a description of his Communism idea which must be subjected to a similar analysis, and reveals it to be a primitive expression of an as-yet-to-beprimitive, modern and future stage of human more refined Communism ideal. However, in using the words "insanity, sanity and hyper/super sanity," examples of all of them may occur in the context of a development. The frequent citation by some to define their supposed "insanity" in the context of their particularized social conditions does not automatically mean they are hyper- or super sane if taken out of that context. If they come to view themselves as being "super sane" in terms of having an alternative style of thinking to those in their social context and presume it means they are super-sane with respect to all of humanity, they may come to find themselves experiencing a slap in the face when confronted by a context that views their ideas as being rather mundane and commonplace. Thinking their alternative form of thinking is an expression of hyper or super-sanity akin to a hyper or super-consciousness to be equated with a label such as genius, is an over-valuation that can be artificially inflated by one or more around them as a means by which they are being set up for failure. Hubris, exuberance and enthusiasm are sometimes misled so that another can be benefited.

The psychologist Ronnie. D. Laing was a proponent of the idea concerning "super-sanity" in his study of mental illness. He regarded some types of what we call mental illness, such a schizophrenia as what might be described as a social disease and a person's attempts to find a means to cure themselves within the parameters of their education, their health, their means of self-subsistence and the context to which they find themselves in while striving to navigate to a port of sanity amidst social tides and changeable winds that commonalty are not very indulgent and are often very critical and expect supposed normal behavior without giving the benefit of a doubt. While many individuals truly are disturbed in their actions which are harmful to themselves and/or others, many are simply trying to make sense of a confused world by creating personalized philosophies of ideological constructions that come to be used by others as a blueprint that they can adopt. Unfortunately, in the case of Marx, his ideology is that of an adolescent mind. His historical outline and conclusions read like a fairy tale meant for children since it too is an expression of a primivity of consideration.

In the following lineup of insanity types and alternative representations of developmental cognition, the reader might well describe them with the presently accepted "spectrum" label used in a variety of contexts such as the Autism spectrum, color spectrum, elector-magnetic spectrum, entertainment spectrum, sports spectrum, music spectrum, transportation spectrum, etc... The word "spectrum" appears to be the outcome of permitting differences of opinion and interest such as perceived gradations, overlap and transitions as well as regression, intermittancy, and leaps (or alternatively: "punctuated equilibrium"); as well as presumed "core" representations evaluated by some sort of statistically-aligned preferential orientation that a given person has subjected to a personalization.

In addition, the terms "primitive," "modern day" and "future" can be interpreted from different vantage points, depending on how far back in time one wants to include in their survey, such as early sub-human primates, spirituality practices, artistic expression, Cro-magnon appearance, pre-civilization, beginning civilization, Hammurabi (1792–1750 BC) code of laws, Norse mythology, the Middle ages, Fall of the Roman Empire, the French Revolution, Establishment of "Rights of Man", Industrial Revolution, World wars, Medical advances, Technological advances, etc. No less, the terms "insanity," "sanity," and hyper- or Super- sanity can be viewed in a given context, whereby a person with a modern day perspective might well have been perceived as someone who was insane to those in the past where superstition was the accepted normalcy of conceptualization, or they might be viewed as someone with great vision. Likewise, those whose behavior today is viewed as weird or strange or uncommon may well be interpreted as being mentally ill in a given context (and thus exploited by a psychologist or psychiatrist trying to make a living), yet outside of their social context exists other social realities where their views are accepted as being commonplace or even exhibiting an above average intelligence.

Some people unknowingly attempt to live in contexts for which they are not actually suited for and thus are forced into making self-sacrificing indulgences and all too often self-defeating and self-damaging decisions as attempted coping mechanisms because they act like homing pigeons who persistently return to the same limiting roost instead of spreading their wings and exploring what used to be described as the "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" existing within them. Additionally, in some instances of self-reflection, there are those who even come to feel that not only are they living in the wrong social context, but the wrong period of time or in the wrong gender. Yet, transformation from one gender or one social context to another is often found to be more troublesome than the initial liberation which a change suggestively appears to bring about. The entire socialization of a gender, as well as of a person's emotional, psychological, linguistic as well as racial and religious (or non-religious) orientation is not always mere surface features, but a sociologically, if not biologically baaed "engendering" which superficialities can not overcome. Indeed, while it is well known that there is a critical developmental period of language, extensions of this correlation into other considerations of behavioral conduct, including dreams and imagination, are not typical manifestations of the common philosophical disposition that one frequently encounters with strangers or even one's erudite family members, friends, relatives, neighbors or colleagues.

All too often one can find that those entrapped by their circumstances:

  • Don't know how to leave their consciousness inhibiting circumstances (like so many poor who do not know how to access social services that are beneficial to them in their derogatory lifestyle);
  • Are fearful of the unknown in leaving;
  • Do not have the most meagre of financial resources to begin their journey;
  • Presume themselves to be chained by conventionally embraced expectations to pay their dues of responsibility to some purported duty;
  • Do not experience some life-changing event or serendipitous intervention whereby a decisions to choose becomes consciously aware to them;
  • Create imagined obstacles called Conspiracy theory as a justification to self-impose a rationalization that effects a deterrence and justification for that which would otherwise be deemed cowardice, but convolutes this appellation into a menagerie of chess game self-justifications;
  • Think they are confronted by some labyrinthine system of detours, dead ends and potholes that exist... but may actually be developed in the recesses of an active imaginative mind that has been trained to hold a conservative view established by those who benefit from their continued presence which has been contoured by others to impose routine scenarios of failure, thus continue to experience a life-long sequence of dissolution in body, mind and spirituality.

In short, the present formula of business, government and religious practices are rationalizations which suggest personal and collective growth and development, but are actually designed as positively reinforced bulwarks of rationalization which effect the acceptance of punishing negative reinforcements for not complying; as a means by which humanity is being kept from achieving its utmost potentialities as a collective— instead of the many systems of organized piece-meal attributions delivered selectively, discriminatingly, and prejudicially. Marx's brand of idealized communism has been altered into an unwitting torch bearer of this established orientation, because it did not inculcate provisions to safeguard against being absorbed by the different practices of Capitalism to gain adherents for what may be described as a "Democracy Cause", like the Institutionally directed religious ideologies which incorporated pagan ideas into its own belief systems and renamed them to fit the ulterior motives of the reigning leaderships of primitive Conservativism that are damaging humanity's progressive interests to seek that which lays in view, but refuse to take the fist step into the beckoning future.

There are multiple analogical three-patterned devices which can be used to characterize Marx's three phases (on the one hand: Democracy- Socialism- Communism; and on the other hand a primitive Communism- Adolesencent or premature Communism- Mature Communism; though different developmental scenarious using alternative labels might well be employed depending on the interests of a given writer) which may or may not necessarily overlap in their respective thematic illustrations. However, Marx's ideology made no provision for nor adopted any representative valuation of using a scientific, philosophical nor psychological application of tools ('toolage'; or as a friend of mine says: "tooling up") to prepare for and apply a more enhanced perspective of historical development; that I must admit was largely due to the actuality that many of the ideas presented here did not exist in Marx's era. His notion of a scientific approach towards an encapsulated representation of a particularized social history can demonstrably be shown as being comparable to an alchemical, star gazing tradition and rather crude apothecary of understanding.

And this should be noted as being wholly different from an approach that deliberately addresses the development of Communism from an attempted profile of basic cogntion, where the definition of "Communism" and all other present day socio-political ideologies are stripped of their present day definitions and are permitted to be viewed in the context of a primivity themselves. In such a case, a single individual can well be said to represent any and all forms of socio-politics if the word "government" becomes viewed as a governing mentality, which can be applied to a single person, two people, as well as three or more. The linguistic dimensionalities of Me, Myself and I along with the peronsality conventions of Id, Ego, and Superego can be viewed as situations in which one or more are governed by oneself, or externally, such as in the case of a two or three or more-person pecking order of differentiated deference, obesiance, or domination that may alternatively change hands depending on context. Hence, we could well look for the origins of any and all basic socio-political platforms within the psychological makeup of a single person that becomes exponentially magnified as the population of selves increases.

In approaching an understanding of how primitive Marx's ideology actually is, we can apply different analytical schemes such as psychoanalysis which provides us with a model of psycho-sexual development which Marxian theory exhibits expressions which makes it deductively easier to correlate because of its proposed representation of social development occurring in developmental stages. While Freudian psycho-sexual ideology has five stages labeled as oral, anal, phallic, Latent and Genital, one must acknowledge these as generalities and not specificities, as well as overlapping gestures of behavioral conduct which extend into adolescence and adulthood. Like Marx, Freud's theory must also be viewed as a primivity, though it is analogically instructive in making comparative generalizations with other "staging" ideologies found in every subject matter, even in an analysis of atomic particle behavior. While many people do not practice such an imaginative excursion into alternative realms of analysis, it is instructive for the reader to be aware that this writer has no qualms in such an exploration.

As a developmental scenario that one can apply to Marxian ideology, the following image depicting Freudian psycho-sexual stages must not be taken so literally as to force a person's thinking to disregard its emergence as another example of human cognitive development which utilizes a "stages of development" approach as an out-spoken logic which many in the public latch on to, because they also are experiencing a development of mental activity which utilize a worded enumeration approach for cataloging information... be it personal human behavior, collective human behavior such as an analysis of human history, reptilian history, history of the Earth, history of the Universe, Anthropological history, cellular development, history of life, history of viruses and bacteria, history of geological formations, history of commerce, history of slavery, history of religion, history of wheat cultivation, history of banking, etc...

The fact that we can see an increase in the usage of developmental staging representations exhibits a particularized expression of the human brain... the human mind in its own developmental staging. Because we can see an increase in different formulas of using a "stages" approach for illustration a collectively of knowledge, everyone must be wary that what they are seeing, what they are reading are primitive expressions that must not be taken too literal, as has many theories. For example, in many cases we have seen Marx's ideas being taken so literally that they form what may be called a religion-like dogma for some. A type of sacredness that is not warranted, but becomes embraced as a holy script that adherents must preach to others about in an attempt to increase a world membership that might help to bring about a reality expressed by the dogma. A dogma which clearly exudes a primitive world-view akin to a crude reading of Freud's psycho-sexual development.

(The following five can be grouped into a three-stages representation by combining the genital and phallic because the phallic is an extension of the genital and the latency period can be excluded since no psycho-sexual development occurs at this time.

Freud's psychosexual stages

Let me provide an example of how psycho-sexual theory can be a useful tool:

Many decades ago while working with teenagers whose favorite pastime was the usage of cuss words, I decided to have a group session in which a randomly selected individual became an assistant who wrote down (on a green board like those used in classrooms) all the cuss words the kids could think of. During the description of the few words that they could think of, which was surprisingly limited and for which some came to be rejected like "Damnation" and "Hell" because they were claimed to be words found in the bible and thus exempt from being included; I then took the small list and organized them under the words "oral," "anal," and "genital," with the added feature of displaying a corresponding numerical age correlate which was suggested as a rough approximation of the first stage occurring between 0 to 2 years of age, the second from 2 to 4 years of age, and the third from 4 to 6 years of age, even though in Freudian terms the genital stage takes place later on. Nonetheless the suggestion that those who use a particular cuss word "fixated" with a given psycho-sexual term and thus stage and young age, caused every single one of the teenagers to stop cussing. Unfortunately when the next shift of so-called counselors came on, some of whom relied on cuss words as part of their day-to-day working-with-teenagers vocabulary; the use of cuss words amongst some of the young erupted into an acceptable activity because of the adult role model which gave them a license to do likewise. However, the content of the group session retained an active impression on a few who became more analytically reflective of their behavior when interacting with others. And as an historical note, I performed the group session without the express permission of my superiors. Yet because I often did this, I was viewed as a non-team player. They didn't view me as a type of "Pistol Pete Maravich" who displayed a talent and instinct for basketball playing ahead of his time.

3 Types of Sanity
Insanity Sanity Super/Hyper-Sanity
Primitive mentality (such as a pre-civilization, though living in small groups) Modern or present day mentality involving industrialization, technology, supposed advanced stage of human social development living in large groups Presumed future mentality, a Utopia... organized as ???
Sub/Pre-Consciousness Consciousness Super/Hyper-Consciousness
Id personality preoccupations Ego + Superego personality orientations Presumed "Ultra" occupational interests
Past Existence Present day Existence Future Existence
Old/Antiquated views Commonly accepted views typically described as Common Sense Futuristic views
Little hindsight, midsight, foresight Limited hindsight, midsight, foresight Maximized hindsight, midsight, foresight
Singular vision, Cyclops (instinct blinders on) Double vision, established Myth, fantasy, mythopoeic (creating myth), hearing voices of gods, inebriated consciousness, religious beliefs, etc., (Janus-faced blinders on) Triple vision (sometimes described as a third-eye perspective [that is not necessarily achieved, but exists as an ideal])
Monad/ singularity Dyad/ dichotomy/ dialectic (displayed with three references or terms and thus expresses an "embellished dichotomy" and not a true trichotomy) Referred to in present day terms as plurality, the Many, or the Many-One, Much
Self (Monism) Us/Them (Duality) All/Others (The third, the many, or plurality)
Ones Tens Hundreds (after which, but including a comma before next set of three are begun)
Endo-maturity (immature civilization called Democracy; prior and up to including this are expression of Anarchic and Libertarian development) Meso-maturity (attempted maturity of civilization called Socialism) Ecto-maturity (mature civilization called Communism)
Period Question Mark Exclamation point
Stop, fearful of proceeding beyond the jungle; hyper-vigilant to one's surroundings and others Wait, hesitate along the Savannah trek; maintain increased vigilance to one's surroundings and others Go, attempt to make up for the lost time accrued by both the primitive and modern orientations
Awareness Acknowledged Awareness Consciously Acknowledged Awareness
Reptilian brain complex Mammal brain Neo-Mammalian brain
Brain Stem Cerebellum Cerebrum
Infancy Adolescence Adult
Ancestral Intermediate Final
Novice/Beginner/'Newbe' Journeyman/Trainee Master/Expert/Practitioner
Bachelor's degree Master's degree Doctorate degree
Agricultural commodity efforts with or without domesticated (draft/draught) animals Hand-crafted commodity efforts Business drafted efforts (banks, stock market, etc..., to promote increases in commodity market)

Note: With respect to Marxian theory, his first stage of an historical development does not make reference to a "primitive" stage which describes early pre-human characterizations that a "Reptilian complex" suggests, and therefore limits the first stage to what can be discerned as a Paleomammalian complex stage of brain development. The second stage would be the Neomammalian complex and his third stage a supposition that an enhanced maturity will evolve. (Triune brain: An organ said to weigh three pounds in modern humans, thus providing us with the consideration that earlier types of more primitive humanity had a brain which weighed less because it exhibited a lesser complex [formulation] of development.)

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