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  1. Biology as Poetry (3-to-1 ratio) (By Dr. Stephen T. Abedon)

  2. 3 -2- 1 ratios examples, page A (A diverse collection from multiple subject areas that is of interest to those with an orientation towards comparing the similiarty of cognitive patterning found in the mulitplicity of thought processing.)

  3. Why Russians Love the Number 3 by Michele A. Berdy

  4. (Tricyclopedic) Book of Threes (By Michael Eck)

  5. Phenomenology - Threefoldness (By Tom Van Gelder)

  6. Nature Seems to Love the Number Three (By M. Mahin)

  7. List of Threes in human anatomy (By Dr. McNulty)

  8. Examining the Triple Code Model in numerical cognition: An fMRI study by Mikael Skagenholt, Ulf Träff, Daniel Västfjäll, Kenny Skagerlund: PLOS; Published: June 28, 2018

  9. Mathematical Dimensions of Rhetoric: Three is the dominant numerical motif (By Dr. Allen H. Merriam)

  10. "The Third Way of Evolution"(By James Shapiro, Raju Pookottil, and Denis Noble)

  11. Three faced by by James Pero, Mechanical Engineering Magazine, Jan 21, 2016

  12. Mystical Numbers: The Number 3

  13. The Power of Three: Why Fairy Tales Often Feature a Triple

  14. Wikipedia discussions about various "3" denoted ideas

  15. Wikipedia: Triple Deity
  16. Wikipedia: Triad (religious)
  17. Triple Goddess (Neopaganism)

  18. Here are three links for Dr. Dundez's article "The Number Three in the American Culture" which appeared in an old 1967-1968 book entitled "Every Man His Way" (which is a collection of different Cultural Anthropology readings):

Here are some web pages that I copied off the internet over the years. I have not re-checked to see whether or not they are still active. At the time, since many pages were not being kept up, I felt it was necessary to make a copy of the information. I still think this idea is relevant but saving the information from pages is a bit more time consuming now than it was a few years back. This list comes from the first contents page.

  1. Internet 3s pg 1 collection
  2. Internet 3s pg 2 collection
  3. Internet 3s pg 3 collection
  4. Internet 3s pg 4 collection
  5. Internet 3s pg 5 collection
  6. Internet 3s pg 6 collection
  7. Internet 3s pg 7 collection
  8. Internet 3s pg 8 Number 3 in Scripture by E. W. Bullinger
  9. Internet 3s pg 9 The Triple Goddess in Celtic Tradition by Montague Whitsel
  10. Internet 3s pg 10 The Rhythm of the Number Three by Douglas Stringham
  11. Internet 3s pg 11 Numbers in the Bible By Edward Kalinowski
  12. Internet 3s pg 12 collection
  13. Internet 3s pg 13 collection
  14. Internet 3s pg 14 collection
  15. Internet 3s pg 15 Tripartite World and Triune Logic v.3.5 by Iain MacAnTsaoir
  16. Internet 3s pg 16 Carl Jung and the Trinitarian Self by Michael J Brabazon
  17. Internet 3s pg 17 Words and Numbers: Mathematical dimensions of Rhetoric by Allen H. Merriam
  18. Internet 3s pg 18 Triads: Structure of Everything by Brian Miller
  19. Internet 3s pg 19 collection
  20. Internet 3's pg 20 Numerology: The Number Three
  21. Internet 3's pg 21 collection
  22. Internet 3's pg 22 Astrology: Classical use of Triplicities by Deborah Houlding
  23. Internet 3's pg 23 collection

As the title states, this page is intended for Threes Researchers. If you are unfamiliar with "threes" as a research project, the information may or may not be of interest to those who have not themselves ever noticed a frequency of patterns-of-three in different subject areas (other than the typical attention given to specific culturally-related examples such as death (or calamity) occurs in threes, people waking up some time between 3 and 4 AM (claimed by some as a spiritual awakening), or hearing three knocks, or expressions such a three times the charm, threes in fairytales, the Trinity (in and out of Christianity), etc....

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