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Tour de France 2019

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3 to 1 ratio of the Tour de France Jerseys

There is a three-to-one ratio of champion jerseys worn at the Tour de France. A yellow one for the overall race leader, a Green one for the fastest Sprinter, a white with red polka dots one for the "King of the Mountain" classification, and then one for the fastest amongst the under 25 years of age group. It is also typical for us to see pictures taken of each individual winner flanked by two attractive women. Customarily, flowers may be given, a trophy such as a teddy bear, and an exchange of cheek kissing from the woman presenting the gifts. Despite the delay in the Tour de France's position from maturing away from such childish and inappropriate gifts as teddy bears and flowers which reek of an antiquated sentimentality that the Tour needs to mature out of, many people simply accommodate this embraced cycling nonsense. Nonetheless, despite the behind-the-scenes politics, pampering of cyclists whose immune systems are weakened by training schedules, endurance requirements and reduction in weight centered nutritional regimes, many people love cycling events (even though they discredit America's many-fault Senior games cycling events with its pathetic organizational formats in which races are sometimes conducted without traffic being stopped on isolated courses as they did this year near Santa Fe, New Mexico).

And because this "Threesology Research Journal" site is focused on identifying patterns-of-three, let me briefly mention that bicycles can have a single, double or triple front chain ring, and that the front wheel, front sprocket(s) and rear wheel are a pattern-of-three, since the rear sprockets are attached to the rear wheel... unless you want to count this as a 3-to-1 ratio.

1, 2, or 3 front chain rings

Yet, I will not get into a discussion of why the right side of the bicycle is favored for placing the sprockets and chain on, when the left side could be used as well. Nor will I discuss my alternative idea as to what configuration the front and rear sprockets might be... in order to enhance cycling speed and endurance based upon correlating geometries I uncovered... and that even the front and rear wheels might also be configured in, though by today's perceptual standards such a bicycle would be viewed as an eccentricity.

The primary purpose of this page is to voice my personal selection of the Tour de France winner, who is Julian Alaphilippe of France:

Alaphilippe won the hearts and minds of the people

Julian Alaphilippe won the hearts and minds of many people the world over. The person for whom the title of winner was given to due to a problematic course creating the necessity for it to be shut down and fore-shortened, was Egan Bernal of Columbia:

Egan Bernal of Columbia

This is not to say that the young man is not a talented cyclist. I mean no disrespect to Egan Bernal, his team Ineos nor his country Columbia. But none of these three are loved by the people... and as such, despite the circumstances beyond their control, their so-called win will not achieve the adulation which has been ascribed to the podium of winners in past years of Tour de France cycling adventures. He, his team, and his country won by a default that should have catapulted him, his team and his country to promoted a greater presence of mind, a greater wisdom, a greater cycling ideal, a greater "esprit de corps" by declining the win because the three want to be remembered as having won the Tour de France on their own merits, without being subjected to a array of possibly discrediting reprisals which question their actual abilities, the Tour's management (despite the correct decision to not let the riders be confronted by the hazardous weather conditions), and the overall cycling rules.

Surely there is a way that the cycling commission can set forth alternative measures which do not produce the conditions of a psychological detour or blockade which impedes the tenor and disposition of the race causing entrenched disgruntling which negatively affects everyone who embraces the cycling event. Surely the Tour's management could have established protocols in place (which are decades overdue) to continue or resume the race in such situations so as to make the race proceed in a demeanor of perceived fairness for everyone involved and not react to conditions (which may have been avoidable in the first place), like a child afraid of the dark and will therefore not venture forth and wants everyone to accept their "my way or the highway" decision.

While I agree with the position of the Tour's management that the safety of the cyclists is paramount, this should not detour them from striving to make amends to everyone, including the spectators, through a series of race-way substitutions instead of truncations which amount to little more than antiquated acts of lobotomy, limb severance, or crucifixion... none of which expresses the level of conscientiousness that humanity living today should be exhibiting in all activities (business, government, religion), but fall very short from because there is a traditionalized practice of merely wanting to wash one's hands of a given (economically-driven authoritative) occurrence— like Pilate did to Jesus. However, the religious analogy is not meant to poke the sensibilities of those who are inclined to resort to interpreting the race as an "act of god" or "god's will" in order to justify their desire for interpreting the race as it turned out. In short, the fans, the cyclists, mediators and assorted others were pointedly given up on and off-handedly dismissed.

Even though in the end, because the established conveyor belt mentality of cycling events has become routinized by traditions that are not themselves routinely questioned... but should be as an expressed reverie of philosophical contemplation in an effort to enhance the dignity of sport and its strivings for a mature professionalism:

  1. Whereby Egan Bernal and the others may have nonetheless been awarded the jerseys they now possess;
  2. Even if they had had the presence of mind to defer judgment of the win to their peers without regard to sponsorship, nationalism or narcissistic inclinations of self-promotion;
  3. Because of the conditions which came into play... and has altered the Tour de France course along a path of enlarging suspicion tied to ulterior motivations circling overhead with a ravenous rapport of tentacles being sharpened for pecuniary-enticed justifications;

...Such an act of going above and beyond the ordinary level of professionalism (as so many cyclists, soldiers, social workers, politicians, teachers, day to day workers and politicians do in their efforts without being given due credit for), would have been greatly appreciated and respected the world over instead of subjecting them to being garland with a level of prevaricating, precarious and predatory accreditation... despite any and all heroic efforts leading up to the point in time of the present Tour de France controversy.

Many people will come to discount this year's Tour de France and are thinking in terms of retaliation and retribution for next year. Yet I am hoping for a revitalization of respect for the Tour de France that will needlessly diminish more so if the current state of affairs repeats itself and creates an enduring stigma of professionalized mediocrity.

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