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The following are references culled from other websites regarding the number 3 or have "three" as a focus, though other labeling may be used. Please give all respective authors their due credits. Links to their websites are provided following each section. However, it must be noted that some of the links may not be viable since the information was compiled in 2004 or earlier.

"Once is an instance.
Twice maybe an accident.
But three or more makes a pattern."
-Diane Ackerman

(The balloon guy): ...We were sitting around trying to think of fun and meaningful ways of presenting our pictures on our site that was different than the classic photo gallery style. I had recently come across the quote by Diane Ackerman that is on the top of the page and was thinking about triads. It seemed it was a way we could present a theme or concept or even abstraction by giving it a funny or relevant title and then showing three photos that prove that point.

--- In Threes (a photo gallery) ---

June 25, 2002
by Numerologist Sally Faubion
--- ---

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Number Three
(and then some).

Most of us are familiar with the phrases, "the third time is a charm" and "luck runs in threes." As you will read, there are numerous interesting facts, concepts, and associations about the number 3.

Three is the symbol for luck and good fortune in almost every culture. It is portended that one who is born on the 3rd day of any month will be rich and amorous. [Perhaps that’s because when one IS rich it makes one feel and appear more exciting!!? -- just a conjecture.]

There are many things in nature that come in threes. For example, there are 3 states of existence, 1) solid, 2) liquid, and 3) gas. Biological processes of the body appear in a triad -- acids, bases, and salts. There are 3 created things: minerals, plants and animals. Plants have their own trilogy in the form of the root, the shaft and the flower. Fruit, likewise, has the husk, flesh, and kernel. The triad in physics is mass, power and velocity. Our days consist of morning, noon and night, and we live in a 3-dimensional world which is measured in length, width, and height. Time is referred to as past, present, and future. There are also 3 primary colors from which all other colors are made: red, yellow and blue.

Pythagoras, the Father of Numerology in the western world, considered the 3 as the "producer of life" coming from the premise that 1 (male) and 2 (female) produces 3 (child). In numerology the 1 is the most male-oriented symbol and, when applied to a person, he/she is characterized as being independent, original, individualistic, innovative, action-oriented, and having strong leadership abilities. The 2, when related to a personality, is characterized as being diplomatic, peacemaking, gentle, kind, considerate, cooperative, malleable, and possessing a strong nurturing nature. The 3 is called the number of "Peter Pan" and anyone who has a 3 in a prominent position in their numerological chart will have a very abundant imagination and pronounced creative abilities, as well as an affinity with children and (sometimes) a childlike personality, among other things.

Religion and Spiritual References to The Number 3:

Virtually all religious tenets has been based on the existence and evolution of 1) the spirit, 2) the soul, and 3) the body. Early Sumerian deities (around 3,000 BC) represented heaven, air, and the earth; the ancient Babylon-ians worshipped the astral trinity of the moon, the sun, and Venus. Pagan religions also abounded in 3s. For example, victims were led 3 times around the altar before sacrifice; prayers were repeated 3 times to ensure their being answered, and so on.

In Christianity, there is the holy Trinity: The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. The Christian Scriptures tell of 3 wise men from the East bearing 3 gifts; of 3 archangels and 3 bodily virtues. There were also the 3 temptations of Christ during his stay in the desert. The Christians also believe in 3 worlds --- heaven, earth, and hell.

In the Jewish tradition there are 3 keys which God keeps to himself, and which no man can gain or use: 1) The key of life, 2) the key of rain, and 3) the key of the resuscitation of the dead. The Hindus believe in 3 realms -- the earth realm, the mid-region or atmosphere, and the heavenly realm. The great triad of Hinduism is Brahma (the creator), Shiva (the destroyer), and Vishnu (the sustainer or preserver). There are also 3 types of karma in the Hindu religion: 1) karma awaiting fruition [the karma we bring with us into this life], 2) karma that has come to fruition in the present life, and 3) karma that is produced through our actions and motives in this lifetime [the karma of future existences].

There are 3 kinds of suffering in Buddhism and Hinduism: intrapsychic [within our own psyche -- desires, fears, misconceptions], external or environmental [like the pain of a wound], and supernatural [being subject to outside -- extraterrestrial influences that cause suffering -- like one's Astrological or numerological influences].

The Tibetans have 3 phases of afterlife: 1) clear light; 2) last breath, and 3) the manifestation of less intense light (the life left behind). Buddhism has the 3 bodies of the Buddha, 3 baskets of the doctrines, and 3 sources of salvation.

The Islam Shiites adhere to a spiritual triad of 1) there is no deity save God; 2) Muham-med is the messenger of God, and 3) Ali is the friend of God. In traditional Islamic doctrine there is another triad: 1) Islam (surrender), 2) iman (faith), and 3) ihsan (to do good). There are also 3 legal categories for the Islams: 1) haram (prohibited), 2) halal (permitted), and 3) mushabbih (doubtful).

Magic and Fortune Telling:

The 3 is considered very lucky by fortune tellers. For example, when the playing cards are used to forecast the future, the 3 of Hearts indicates "you will have a life of wealth and plenty;" the 3 of Diamonds, "someone special is about to enter your life;" the 3 of Clubs, "your problems are less than you imagine;" and the 3 of Spades, "much happiness is on its way into your life."

One book on ancient magic offered the 3 mystical "principles" of alchemy - sulfur, mercury, and salt. This book also told of a divination method called lychnomancy in which the flames of 3 candles are used to foretell the future. It also related the practice of reading coffee grounds in which the reader swirls 3 times the residue in the cup (with the coffee grounds) and then forecasts from the figures that are formed from the grounds.

The ancient folklore of wedding days are as follows:

  • Monday for health;
  • Tuesday for wealth (the 3rd day of the week),
  • Wednesday, the best day of all (the 3rd work day of the week),
  • Thursday brings losses*,
  • Friday brings crosses*,
  • Saturday brings no luck at all*
  • (No one was married on a Sunday, in those days.)

*Just in case your marriage took place on one of these days, you might recognize that this folklore came from ancient medieval times and most of the fortune telling in those times was very pessimistic and foreboding.

That same folklore cautioned grooms to:

  1. pay the clergy with an odd sum of money,
  2. carry an amulet for good luck in his pocket,
  3. never turn back for anything once the wedding ceremony has begun. (I'm sure many future brides would appreciate the latter!)

In another reference book on magic it was written that the 3 brings every good fortune, sudden prosperity, great respect from high personages, and a letter bringing important and good news. [This makes me think I should start selling amulets inscribed with the number 3!]

The I Ching uses three coins as part of its forecasting tool. The triangle has also been used by future prognosticators as an omen or symbol of good health and good fortune -- in tea leaves, for example. A dice roll of 3 is said to bring a pleasing surprise - when used in fortune telling.

For any of you who desire to know more about the number 3, or any other number for that matter, I recommend two books: "Spirituality by the Numbers" by Georg Feuerstein (this one may be hard to find -- try, and "The Mystery of Numbers" by Annemarie Schimmel.

--- Numerology Newsletter- Sally Faubion, Numerologist ---

The number three

Today is a very special day for the second smallest prime number. So here's a guide to the magic integer that is 10 short of a baker's dozen

Simon Jeffery
Monday March 3, 2003

1. Take a look at the --- calendar ---: today is the third day of the third month of the third year of the third millennium. That's an awful lot of threes.

2. The last time anything similar happened was on February 2, 1002 - the year that --- King Aethelred II --- (or Ethelred) of England - named the "unraed" (mistranslated as unready) for his habit of taking bad advice - massacred his Danish citizens - provoking a Viking invasion by Svein Forkbeard.

3. Though the date --- 1,000 years and 18 days later --- was pretty interesting too: if you put the month after the day (20.02.2002) you got a numerical palindrome. Strict adherents to the month-day-year formula will have to wait until February 20, 2020 (02.20.2020) for such joy.

4. But back to the number three, which is for some a magic number. Lots of things come in threes: bad luck, buses, lions, wishes, blind mice, musketeers and --- porridge-eating bears ---.

5. And it's not just Goldilocks. Inspired by Aristotle, neo-classical playwrights subscribed to the --- three unities --- (place, time and action;) many stories, especially fairy stories or folk tales, are in three parts, or have an element that is repeated three times - the same is true for --- powerful speeches and jokes --- (think Englishman, Irishman and Scotsman, or libert é, égalité and fraternité;) and classical picture composition relies on its own --- rule of threes ---.

6. Three may seem to be a pleasing or natural number but unlike one, two, five or 10 it is not one that we can derive from --- our bodies ---. To have three eyes, or three legs, is unlikely; to have three fingers unfortunate.

H.O.B. Note: The writer of this article appears not to be aware of the colloquial references of having a third eye called the mind's eye, a third leg (either a man's penis or a walking cane), a third ear (an acute perceptual ability sometimes attributed to aliens, mystics, or individuals who have some hint of appreciating themselves harboring a degree of especial auditory perspicacity such as in music), and the very many three-patterned groupings occurring in physiology as outlined by Dr. McNulty:

--- List of Threes in Anatomy ---

7. But --- Earth --- is the third planet from the Sun, there are three primary colours and three dimensions to a solid object.

8. The number is also important in the Christian tradition: Christ represents one third of the --- trinity --- (the father, son and holy ghost), was visited by the three wise men and 33 years later - when Peter disowned him three times - rose on the third day after the crucifixion (he died at 3pm).

9. There were also 12 disciples, which is a multiple of three. As is nine (see beginning of this paragraph for a --- spooky coincidence ---).

10. Come back to this page on April 4, 3004 to find about the --- number four ---: the four elements, seasons, points of the compass, horse masters of the apocalypse, etc.

--- Guardian Unlimited: The Number Three ---,6729,906717,00.html

by --- Maimu ---

Three is regarded as expression of an intellectual and spiritual order in divinity, cosmos or mankind and either synthesizes the three-in-one of all living beings or else results from the conjunction of heaven and earth. It is the number of the Time-past, present and future. It is father-son-holy spirit, it is the virgin-mother-crone. It is expressed by different symbols such as the trident and the triangle, which when inverted, has female significance. Three also represents manifestation, disclosing and revealing the first two numbers in the way that every child reveals it's parents (the fact that it needs to parents to be created). Three also equates with rivalry (the number Two) to be overcome, and gives expression to a mysterious efficacy, synthesis, reunion, marriage or resolution. All things of necessity proceed in threes, which simply make up one. For example, creation implies a creator, the act of creating, and the thing created. (So three parts make up one whole.) Three is also the natural cycle of all that which exists in nature-that of birth-death-rebirth.

I won't get too much into the controversy and problems surrounding the idea of turning over our "will," other than to say that my personal belief in a divinity within me. In my addiction, I operated from the shadow side of my archetypes which were incredibly overgrown and out of balance. To me, to turn my life and will over, means to turn over my thinking and my actions from the shadow to the divine within me, and thus bring those aspects into balance in a healthier way. This has a bit to do with the Yin and Yang energies mentioned in Two. I personally do not turn anything over to a transcendent deity, if for no other reason than no such entity exists in my life today. I don't play the game of "turn it over/take it back" because when it comes to my shadow and divine, there is nothing to turn it over/take it back from. It is all me. I just need to be sure I approach things more from the divine than the shadow. Therefore, for me, "turn it over" does not equate with "give it to someone else." In analogy, it is like having a coin with two sides, a shadow and a divine, and spinning it so that the divine is manifested equally with the shadow. That's what "turning" it over (to the other side) means to me. YMMV.

Three is the symbol of urgency, incompleteness, restlessness, striving, accomplishment. An awkward times comes when life is dominated by three. It must be reduced to one or increased to four. Three, or that consciousness represented by three, can not long be endured in it's intensity and drivenness. If one finds themselves in a paralyzing dilemma, s/he must make that forward thrust to attain an enlightened sense of insight, the Four, or else reduce consciousness just to survive. Three is a sort of synthesis, but in dreams we never see three as a final state: mostly it marks a beginning. Three represents what is in the process of formation. Decisions have been made but the goal has not yet been reached. The form does not come into being until the following number, Four.

In Step Three, we turn our lives and our will over to the CARE of......which is like the child, that creative aspect in us being cared for by our divinity, or by the Great Mother. While in active addiction, often our creative energies were not nurtured or encouraged or cared for by us or anyone else. As the number Three implies, that decisions have been made but the goal has not yet been reached. We made a decision to turn the care of our life and will over….but all too often we think this means we have also already reached that goal. We have not. However, we have taken a crucial step in the process by even considering that though of doing so. This seems to be an affirmation of One….the wholeness and unity of it One, added to Three is Four. We are ready to move on.

We cannot stay at Three and survive for long. How many addicts do we all know who have years in recovery and have never gone onto a Fourth? How many do we know who stay in recovery under the circumstances? How many do we know who have only gone to Three, don't move beyond it, and remain miserable? I knew of someone who remained clean for 14 years while clinging in desperation to Three. They didn't even realize that Three had become One, and they had quit looking at the denial in it. They had gone back to believing they were unified and whole, without looking deeper. They used. If we do not find the courage and urgency in Three to help us to move on to Four, then we end up going to One. (We cannot go back to two, as there is always a movement away from.) This isn't always a bad thing.

--- Pagan Paths: 12 Step Recovery ---

re the magic number three (as in species of a group seen)

  • To: "birding-aus" <>
  • Subject: re the magic number three (as in species of a group seen)
  • From: "Alan Gillanders" <>
  • Date: Wed, 2 Oct 2002 16:38:01 +1000


It seems that the Pythagoreans are\were not the only ones to attribute special properties to the number three. So for them here are some recent sightings of three.

  • 3 Whistlers in my yard this morning. Only the Rufous is resident. Golden come rarely and Grey come to feed on the larvae of Aristolocia Swallowtails. As my vines are small this is the only place I have seen Greys feeding on the ground. (see excellent review of their behaviour by Lloyd Neilsen on this list.)

  • 3 Cuckoo-shrikes (what a horrid name) in the town as I walked to the Post Office.

  • 3 Doves on the lawn as I came inside an hour ago.

  • 3 Bowerbirds on one ridge last Friday.

  • 3 Gallinules on the creek below the house.

  • 3 Parrots roosted in our Eucalypts last night. The Lorikeets usually roost next door and the Fig Parrots will only roost here until their pair bonding is complete and they start nesting in the Yungaburra State Forest. Then they will visit to collect young Eucalypt shoots, presumably to line their nests.

  • 3 Tree-kangaroos in one night recently.

  • 3 Green Ringtail possums on the one branch at Fur 'n' Feathers Treehouses last Sunday. (I guess the last two don't count as they are mammals and are three of the same species.)

  • Carl Gauss did wonderful work on triangular numbers in the 19th century. Does any one out there know who did the work on tetrahedral numbers last century?


--- Birding AUS: re the magic number three ---

Note: (entry 7:44 AM, 03-13-05 Sunday)

As I took a mid-morning walk earlier in the week, I heard a bird make 5 successive calls, then six successive calls, and then 7 successive calls as I walked by. Prior to my approach the calls where limited to a repeating 5-count, and as I walked further away the 5-count returned, and the three-patterned 5-6-7 count could no longer be heard. The bird was a typical "black bird" (with a colored tail) found in the Salt Lake City area. It is not a crow or raven. While my ignorance of bird types may be offensive to some diehard bird aficionados, I though it necessary to point out another instance of a 3-patterned occurrence that might be easily overlooked by those who are simply interested in 3-bird groupings, or simple 3-patterned vocal expressions.

The Magic Number Three

Maybe there’s some truth to that old saying, "The third time’s the charm!" The number three certainly crops up often in marketing articles. Here's why.

Tom Hopkins, renowned as the number one sales trainer in the world, gave an example of the power of three in a Success Seminar I attended several years ago. He said that salespeople should try to give their prospects THREE choices whenever possible, and put their best product as number three. Why? When you give someone three choices, 71% of people will choose the third one! (Do you suppose the producers of the old TV game show "Let’s Make a Deal!" knew that "Door Number 3" would be picked most of the time? I’ll bet they did.)

You should also try the Rule - of - THIRDS when you’re designing a print ad, according to the author of Do-It-Yourself Advertising, David F. Ramacitti. One third of your ad should be graphic elements, such as drawings or photographs. One third of your ad should be the copy, including your logo. One third of your ad should be white space. He notes, however, that there’s considerable room for variation in this rule, and that it doesn’t mean you should divide your ad into precise thirds.

The advertising "Rule - of - Seven" also attaches significance to the number three. This advertising axiom states that a prospect must notice your advertising message seven times before they’ll respond. The corollary? Since people aren’t always "tuned in" to the messages they’re bombarded with, they tend to actually notice an advertising message once for every THREE times they see or hear it.

Another illustration of the power of three appeared in The Competitive Advantage newsletter, quoting Morey Stettner in The Art of Winning Conversation. Persuasive people, according to Mr. Stettner, have always known the power of a TRIO of ideas. Note these three-beat advertising slogans: The few, the proud, the Marines or reduce, reuse, recycle.

Commands are also commonly given in three steps: Lights! Camera! Action! or Ready! Aim! Fire! or On Your Mark! Get Set! Go! Putting complex goals in easy-to-remember sets - of - three helps managers do their jobs better, too. For example, employees of Domino’s pizza remember FFF: fast, friendly, free delivery.

Using three points to convince someone of something adds to your persuasiveness while avoiding the dangers of saying either too much or too little.

Can you apply the magic of three to your business?

###Entrepreneur Diana Ratliff specializes in helping you look good to your prospects by writing customized marketing publications. Learn how to get more business from your business cards at:

--- ---

--- Work At Home Index: The Magic Number Three ---

Note: When looking at percentages such as those indicated in the above article with respect to how many people are affected in some way by a "three" representation, it may be of value, in an evolutionary sense, to view such percentages as indicators of differences in cognition related to overall species development. In other words, do differences of perception within a given cultural context relate to individual cultural experiences of learning, or are they suggestive of a different type of individual in terms of being a different type of hominid with a different type of underlying cognitive architecture that could be identified by other means if we were looking for and acknowledging that such a difference exists? Is there an overall developmental change taking place with human cognition right before our eyes?

Fifteen-Card Spread
by Barbara Johnson

This is an interesting and accurate layout for reading the cards, where the cards are interpreted in sets of threes which correlate each other in meaning. It is one of the few readings which points out to the querent those factors which are beyond his or her control. (It can be used to interpret a specific situation.)

6 5 4
3 2 1 9 8 7
15 14 13
12 11 10
Fifteen Card Spread
by Johnson

Cards One, Two and Three are interpreted together as revealing the present situation and where the querent finds him or herself in regards to it. A sense of the question facing the querent can be gotten here.

Cards Four, Five and Six reveal the past phase which the querent has just been through in regards to this situation at hand. They may illuminate things the querent was not aware of or that he or she may be aware of but not realize the significance of.

Cards Seven, Eight and Nine represent what the querent has within his or her power to change regarding the situation. This includes personality traits as well as actions, and even people whose influence may be responsible for the querent's position in the situation.

Cards Ten, Eleven and Twelve indicate those factors which are beyond the querent's ability to change. They are still things the querent needs to be acutely aware of, including the outlook of others who are involved and new situations which may arise.

Cards Thirteen, Fourteen and Fifteen sum up all the rest of the cards in predicting the Final Outcome of the reading. If there does not seem to be any connecting thread between each of the threes in the spread, a sixteenth card may be drawn and placed in the center to tie all the loose ends together for the querent.

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